If there is one thing we Brits are famous for it is gritted determination coupled with innovative thinking. Ok so a new pedal board won’t solve world peace or cure us of all ills, but it did need improving!

PedalDeck has taken the staid and accepted format of the humble pedal board and asked questions about how it could be better, without breaking the bank and by keeping its manufacture right here in the UK.

Smart engineering design, coupled with a sound knowledge of lean manufacturing techniques and advanced materials engineering, (normally reserved for aircraft and rocket science) have been applied to our new pedal board design.

This not only reduces manufacturing costs and time, to keep it competitive with Chinese imports, but also allows the addition of a range of new features and benefits unavailable on other boards. Like; No Drilling, easy power supply installation and better cable management.

Every PedalDeck is engineered from a single section of high quality aluminium, laser cut and formed to provide a stable, lightweight but super strong platform. And now with wider power supply options, you can load up your board with even more pedals.