PedalDeck is a relatively new name to the musical accessories market but it is set to shake up some common misconceptions about big brands, cheap imports and British engineering.

Great Britain has created some great products in the last 50 years of musical instrument development. Great guitar makers, awesome amplification and a whole load of effects and pedals have graced the world’s biggest stages and smallest back bedrooms to produce great British musicians by the score.

But there was one accessory, essential to the development of guitar amplification and the pedals that shape our sounds that was painfully overlooked by the normally innovative British designers and engineers… The Pedal Board!

The manufacture of Guitar Pedal Boards was left to the home DIY enthusiasts or abandoned to overseas USA brands, using cheap Chinese manufacturing methods and materials to satisfy our basic demands for a board for our effects.

Steve Willock is a product designer and marketing consultant who just happens to play guitar.

Having worked closely with the music retail market and involved in the production of many video reviews of guitars and effects pedals, Steve saw room for improvement in pedal board design. But also a real opportunity to combine design improvements, user benefits and smart manufacturing techniques to repatriate the pedal board and manufacture a volume product at a competitive price in the UK.

Steve’s company The ASA Network Ltd has been helping companies develop products and market them successfully since 1988. PedalDeck is a prime example of how products can be improved, costs can be reduced and how they can be manufactured right here in the UK without compromise.

About Our Products

PedalDeck boards are constructed from a single piece of high-grade aircraft quality aluminium using precision engineering to a unique registered design with the patents office. Benefits of this being; No Welds = No Weakness! Consistencies of build precision means no more wobbly boards!

All UK design and manufacture.

Product design is done in Manchester with final manufacturing done in the Midlands, working with a specialist engineering company that usually build aircraft and automotive parts.

All leading and competitive alternative boards available in volume through UK retail may be US branded but they are all made in China and imported. We are “Made in the UK!”

This 3-year project to bring to market has included extensive user and retailer research in addition to in-depth competition analysis, leading to all of the design and feature benefits now apparent in the PedalDeck but still missing from the other boards.

Blades not box section give the PedalDeck its strength. This means the board is slightly lighter than the competitive equivalents and the more open design plan on the underside of the board makes it easier and much neater when managing power and patch cables for the pedals above.

PedalDeck boards are available in 3 popular sizes. The Artist II, The Player & The Solo (see specifications for details).

The cable spaces between rails have been reduced in width compared to the earliest Artist I model to ensure that even smaller pedals can fit comfortably on the board. The top rung provides a ‘super slim’ space of just 22mm for the growing number of micro pedals that are gaining in popularity.

PedalDeck is pre-drilled with multiple slots to accommodate easy installation of a wide range of power supplies. A universal bracket is capable of supporting most brands available in the UK from low cost options like Joyo through to the most expensive VoodooLab products and almost everything in between. (PLEASE NOTE: Cloks PS are a little too large and TREX PS will fit but has a side power inlet so placement in the PedalDeck underside is restricted.)


The unique, design patented bracket adjusts to suit different power supply case sizes and the easy nut & bolt installation means no additional drilling is required that can damage the newly purchased competitive board (retailers want this as much as users as they hate being asked to install a power supply on behalf of a customer as it damages the board and immediately invalidates warranty).

These pre-drilled holes in the supporting blade are slightly ‘slotted’ to allow for adjustments in the event that not all power supply power inlets are in exactly the same position.

Additional cut-away in the blade supporting the power supply installation provide access to the SAG switches on the popular brands of advanced power supplies.

High density rubber feet are bolted in 4 supporting positions on the board so they cannot pop out and be lost as with some competitive boards. They can also be easily replaced or removed if required.

User research tells us that not all pedal fans are gigging musicians.- some users would prefer to buy the PedalDeck independently of a case they are unlikely to use. PedalDeck is available to purchase independently of the case options. The gig bag or aluminium flight case can be bought separately.

We think users will really appreciate this flexibility.

Don’t confuse the quality of our cases with the alternatives available. Our flight case has a number of advanced features making it more road worthy, more secure and pretty much indestructible.

Our soft cases offer bigger storage pockets for accessories and cables, higher density, more durable fabric and much thicker protective foam padding in construction than the alternatives available.

Want a bigger board..?

No problem just buy another PedalDeck. Our boards are designed to be bolted together, meaning any combination of Artist II and Player boards can be configured and fixed together for a stable platform during a gig, then simply unbolted for storage and transportation at the end of the night.
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