Welcome to PedalDeck. We’ve ripped up the established rulebook that says you have to buy a basic imported board, drill your own holes to fit a power supply, and struggle with untidy cable management, wobbles, dodgy welding and twists!

PedalDeck is a UK manufactured board, made from a single piece of high-grade aluminium, precision engineered to be the perfect platform for your pedals. We’ve also pre-drilled all the holes, ready for a wide range of power options.

Find yourself needing a bigger board? No problem. Our scalable boards can be simply bolted together to give you more precious pedal space.

Power supplies can be fitted using our FREE universal bracket in even our smallest board, the Solo. This lets you keep up-top space for maximum pedal pleasure, leaving that ugly but essential power block solidly secured underneath, and you won’t have to drill into your pedalboard to do it!

We’ve tried hard to design and manufacture a competitively priced pedal board, right here in the UK. A British made quality product that competes on features with the USA, and on price with the Asian imports. We hope you love PedalDeck Guitar Effects boards as much as we do.


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